Top 7 trends and their scope for digital marketing in India

7 trends and their scopes for Digital marketing

It is necessary to stay updated about the top trends and their scope for digital marketing in India. Professional marketers or those aspiring to be one are always eager to aim for the future of digital marketing in India.

The constantly changing trends are giving rise to massive demands for digital marketing in forthcoming years. People around the globe are investing time and energy to upskill and learn marketing tactics. Proper knowledge and expertise in algorithms, new trends, and features give you a plus point of a pioneer. The first-mover advantage creates a powerful impact on marketing campaigns. At the beginning of 2022, marketers observed many new trends. Now that we are halfway through the year, this blog will provide revised trends and their scope for digital marketing in India.


Scope in Digital marketing


Metaverse, owned by Meta Facebook, is a virtual world of the internet. It is considered parallel to the real world, a place where you interact with people via avatars. Metaverse gave a new direction to commercial sectors with its networks. Metaverse carries a high potential for the future of digital marketing in India. It has been a few months since it came into being, and there is much to explore. 

Scope- Due to domestic marketers and a vast pool of startups in India, the scope of metaverse seems promising. The 3D content will positively impact the creatives, which is one of the pillars of digital marketing.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has taken over the world by storm because it is going to surpass the future. AI has been the ultimate answer to the question, why is digital marketing important, in so many ways so far. Many companies utilize the technology of AI chatbots to suggest solutions to customers across websites. On various social media platforms, we see millions of content and such creatives are passed through AI to boost the engagement rate. The industry is growing wildly over time. 

Scope- According to statistics, AI is on the way to becoming an industry of $190 billion by 2025. Thereby, the digital marketing sector will have an ocean of opportunities. AI assists marketers with a better understanding of customer experience. It analyzes and targets the appropriate audience for increased ROI. 



Cryptocurrency tiptoed into our lives without us knowing and reserved its position in the financial world. India has around 12 million crypto investors at the moment. The numbers are constantly increasing because of massive returns. Cryptocurrency is popular amongst the gen-z. Hence, it creates hype amongst the people to invest.

Scope- No wonder we will use cryptocurrency instead of Google Pay for shopping purposes in the forthcoming years.



Non-Fungible Tokens act as a digital source of trade. NFTs have taken over many sectors and are slowly penetrating the marketing industry by joining digital marketing agency India. Cost-free NFTs exist in a campaign as brands for primary marketing objectives. Luxury brands like Nike, Adidas, etc target such digital marketing campaigns.

Scope- Once NFTs are used as an ultimate marketing tool by a bunch of prominent brands, then there will be no end to opportunities.


Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is considered the most effective and favorable trend due to its scope for digital marketing in India. The wave of influencer marketing is soaring on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram as well. It is no new trend, but very prominent among big brands that have reasonable budgets for marketing. According to Market Research Firm Nielsen, 83% of people rely on personal recommendations made by influencers compared to traditional ads.

Scope- Influencer marketing has always been on top in the race and will stay firm due to its broad range. The constant change in consumption patterns will render influencer marketing expand horizontally and vertically in India.


International Ads

This year, folks observed a trend, which states that a business can run its ads via a global agency. The reason behind international ads is apparent. In some countries, the pricing for Google Ads and Facebook Ads is less than in your own country. Hence, the trend of international ads is increasing rapidly. In search of excellent outcomes at a reasonable price, people often reach out to countries with lower currency rates. Thereby, India is getting a high wave of opportunities in the field of Google Ads and Facebook Ads. It results in curiosity amongst newbies as to what Google Adwords is. Simply put, due to the Indian currency rate, digital marketing agency India is getting more clients from the United States.

Scope- As soon as the business moves forward and escapes its domestic boundaries, the scope widens. With countries opting for India to run Ad campaigns at lower costs, the opportunity for both parties heightens. Such practices are being observed in recent times and will continue to arise in the future.


Email Marketing

Email Marketing is in action right now more than ever. The Researchers state that email marketing is still the best viable way to reach people. Regardless of the latest trends in the market, the email marketing trend carries continuous growth. Ever since Mailchimp soared to remarkable heights, email marketing has become an answer as to why email marketing is important. 

Scope- Due to the cheap, instant, and convenient character of email marketing, billions of emails are sent every hour. The trend seems to stay in India for longer than we expect.


Wrap Up-

As long as you stay updated about the trendy digital marketing practices, no one can ever rip you off from the roots of the marketing industry. Keeping up with these trends and their scope for digital marketing in India may scare you, but sticking to them is always rewarding.

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