3 Case Studies of Unsung Marketing Strategies

In this blog, you will learn how marketing tactics can be a game-changing factor for your biz through three incredible case studies of popular brands. Entrepreneurs are required to align their business activities as per marketing strategy. Marketing affects the outcome of all the other activities associated with it. The brand value must include the evaluation of selling activities. As in how the product or service is influencing the consumer. At times the business cannot stand upright regardless of the best-in-class product or service offered by you. The reason behind instability in a business is marketing failures. This blog is all about the case studies of brands that soared to great heights in the sky of marketing after the amendment of their marketing strategies.

Case Study 1

Utilization of Social Media Platforms by Southwest Airlines.

The queues in front of Southwest Airlines ticket counters are evidence of its success rate. One of the several justifications for how Southwest Airlines entertains the folks is its social media marketing.

The Strategy- Once, Southwest Airlines promoted a video on YouTube in which a flight attendant rapped and jammed. The video went viral and Southwest Airlines caught everyone’s attention over the internet. And not just this, Southwest Airlines makes the most out of social media platforms by informing the customers about flight delays, and other updates on Twitter. Also, for showcasing customer satisfaction, they upload pictures of their customers on blogs. All this resulted in the development of a good relationship with customers.

The outcome- Customers recognize Southwest Airlines for its unique friendliness and customer reliance. The gestures reflected through social media have built up an ever-lasting trust with customers. The company generated a revenue of $21.152 Billion within the tenure of twelve months. The period finished off on June 30, 2022. Furthermore, Southwest Airlines successfully made 114.39% of growth from 2021.

Case Study 2

Paper Boat Marketing Strategy.

From the initial stage, Paper Boat had something that made it stand out amongst other soft drink brands. It is the product that made it distinctive along with the representation of childhood memory associated with it.

The Strategy- Paper Boat adopted the ‘Blue Ocean’ strategy to develop a nostalgic perspective for traditional Indian drinks. The brand linked childhood nostalgia with its wide range of beverages. Paper Boat offers more than ten flavors like Aamras, Aam Panna, Chilled Rasam, Jal Jeera, and more. These flavors have been fading away with time from our remembrance. So, Paper Boat took the call and introduced the flavors that take us back to the time of summer vacations.

Moreover, the brand has a tagline that says ‘Drinks and Memories.’ Also, it has exceptional packaging with childlike graphics and a brand icon that depicts the paper boats we use to make in monsoon. The brand has outdone the creativity in naming its drinks.

The outcome- The brand value of Paper Boats could only reach 15.95 Crore in 2014, but after coming up with a completely new makeover, the brand closed the year 2020 with 230 Crores in revenue.

Case Study 3

Successful Campaign Marketing by Apple was initiated in 2014 and is in action until today.

Apple is known best for its high functionality and producing an extremely rich user experience. The premium phone is famous all over and has excellent hype due to its advanced sensor regardless of its high pricing. The brand introduced campaign marketing in 2014, which is populated even today.

The Strategy- In 2014, Apple launched a campaign #shotoniphone. It was a challenge given by Apple to its users to click the best shots from the iPhone and share them on Instagram, Twitter, etc. And the catch was that Apple would feature the best shots on billboards, Apple stores, and social media handles. The campaign instantly caught popularity all over the digital world. The reason behind launching this campaign was to showcase the impressive new camera of the iPhone 6.

The social media platforms were overrun with the hashtag “Shot On iPhone”. The great part of this case study is that the campaign is still in action. 25 Million posts are populating the campaign #ShotOniPhone to the current date on Instagram. This campaign marketing is considered one of those successful campaigns that are relevant even today. Moreover, it is revived each year with every launch by the company of Apple.

The Outcome- Apple makes the most out of its revenue by selling iPhones. Apple earned $365 Billion of revenue in 2021, out of which $191.9 came from iPhones solely. The brand generates 52.48% of its whole wealth from iPhones, making it the best-selling product category of the company. This has been the most preachifying one amongst the other case studies of brands so far.


Wrap up

Entrepreneurs must take inspiration from the above case studies of successful marketing tactics and create similar approaches for their brands. If one desires to have global recognition, then it is necessary to understand the wants and preferences of customers of different regions. The extract of these case studies of brands is the marketing norm that every brand owner must know is-

Entrepreneurs must sell the solution to the problem before selling the product.

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