What to do if websites with the highest traffic get no sales?

From an optimistic point of view, if you have websites with the highest traffic, but it does not convert into sales, the traffic itself is a considerable achievement. It shows that the audience cares about your brand more than visiting the website. Now, let’s flip the perspective to marketing. From a marketer’s point of view, if you are getting high traffic on your website but no sales, it is a problem to look into. Although this inconvenience is common amongst e-commerce businesses. 

The blog is all about interpreting your problem by utilizing practical marketing recommendations. 

1. Landing page

If you are making your shoppers land on a page that doesn’t match your marketing campaigns, try instructing them to land on a different page. Not incentivizing your customers to land on a designated page could explain why you are getting high traffic but not sales.

We advise you to direct your customers to a landing page that transmits the virtue and promises you make via marketing campaigns.

You don’t want to waste marketing resources by driving them to a page that does not meet their expectations.

2. Easy Navigation

If you’re getting traffic but no sales, your store’s navigation could be one of the reasons why your visitors aren’t converting.

If your visitors are not converting into customers, the website navigation could be one of the reasons. To convert the traffic into sales, you can avail of an amazing shopping experience for the visitors. You are required to unlock different perspectives by ensuring that your website’s design is clear and approachable. Easy navigation of websites is one of the plus points e-commerce businesses can have. Entrepreneurs must make the website navigation as easily accessible as they do while running a brick-and-mortar store.

Now think of it this way, you are approaching a targeted audience who has never visited your online store before. In such a case, you need to build an absolute professional image of your business. It is a universally known fact that trust is everything when it comes to online stores. The factor that drains the reliance is a poor website structure or poor navigation. 

3. Optimization of the page for buying a product 

A product page can be understood as a book cover. It summarizes all that a book is about. Likewise, a product page should be optimized so that the visitor does not miss out on any vital information about the product before the purchase. For a product page, you need a product title that is easy to understand, appealing images, a product description, and other information about the product. A clear, brief, and to-the-point product page can bring a big change to your sales ratio. Here’s a quick guide on how you can optimize your product page. 

Product Title

Keep your product titles short and clear. Always try to deliver the message using the least words.

Product Image

Try including 4 to 5 pictures representing your product from different angles for every product.

Product Description 

Eliminate the jargon from the product description. Focus on giving essential points about the product so that your customers can get the clearest idea of what the product is about. 

Product Review 

Since online shopping is wholly based upon trust. The customer review is an important element. Hearing it from verified buyers creates a sense of reliance for anyone approaching buying a product. 

CTA (Call To Action)

Every product page must contain at least 1 call to action to encourage visitors to buy products. 

4. Optimization of the Checkout Page

Every time a visitor reaches the checkout page, he or she is just a few steps away from making a purchase. But there is still some possibility that the user may step back from purchasing the product. The key to converting your visitors into customers is making the checkout and payment process easier. The more convenience you will provide, the more they will purchase.

Get Started

By following the above steps, one can seamlessly have the websites with the highest traffic along with incredible sales. Take the preaching from this blog and get started today. 

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