5 Best call to action phrases for your venture

best call to action for ventures

One of the most effective techniques to optimize marketing campaigns is to generate the best call to action phrases. It is a smooth and direct way to encourage customers to buy the service or product you offer. This blog will read about the call to action writing techniques. 

What is a call to action?

A call to action or CTA is a direct means of asking the customer to take action. The most common examples of CTA you may have seen include- Buy Now, Contact Us, etc. 

Every CTA is purpose-driven as per the industry and business type. A good call to action can either make your content or break it because it creates urgency in the content that convinces customers and increases conversion rates. By generating a powerful call to action for social media, you attract more leads for the business. Therefore, it is essential to know which call to action speech suits best.

How to create the best call to action phrases?

Marketers struggle to get clicks on their posts and ads to engage more people but the sheer struggles go down in vain when people avoid ads. So, here comes the demand for the call to action. 

Consider the following commands before generating a strong call to action for your website and post.

Use a brief and powerful call to action speech:

Firstly, it is crucial to straightforwardly put together the call to action besides using strong words because of the character limit. 

You can begin by using a verb as the first word of your CTA. For example, start the statement with words like Contact, Visit, etc. And end it with a pronoun or subject, for instance- Us, The website, etc. 

If we sum up the above command, the outcomes will be: Contact us or visit the website.

Bring out enthusiasm in the call to action writing method:

Make your CTA attractive by adding enthusiastic words. Folks love discounts and limited period offers so, use the below-stated phrases in the call to action for social media platforms to compel the audience-

Get up to 40% off on the order value of XYZ.

Hurry up before the sale ends.

Buy 2 get 1 FREE. 

How does CTA(s) impact your business?

Without a clear call to action, the audience will not know what to do next. Call to action directs and guides the customers to conduct activities that help you with business growth. If your CTA is strong and clear enough to convince the audience, it may bring more leads, clicks, and attention to your product and service.

Here are a few statistical data to support the above statement-

  • HubSpot found that anchor text CTAs increased conversion rates by 121%.
  • Adding CTA to Facebook Ads can increase CTR by 285%
  • Studies show that the red color is deemed as the best call to action button and receives more attention. 
  • An average of 90% of online visitors who read your headline will also read a CTA.
  • According to Yuqo, the best call to action is -Shop Now. The reason is that it has 74% of popularity alone. 


call to action

5 Best call to action phrases for your venture.

Various call-to-action phrases carry different intentions that depend solely on your service.

It is essential to acknowledge the requirement of the proper CTA for the right purpose. 

The call to action can be used and categorized for the following purposes. 


In the e-commerce sector, a marketer focuses on sales. Implementation of these call to action phrases can encourage the visitor of your website or post to buy the product or service.

Exemplification- Shop now, Add To Cart, Buy It Today, Click to Avail the Offer, etc.

Newsletter or Community:

Newsletters and communities encourage subscriptions and registrations. Incorporating such a call to action may convince the customers to join you.

Exemplification- Sign Up, Register, Subscribe, Join, etc.


Giveaways always excite folks like none other offers, and generating the appealing call to action speech will surely excite the audience. 

Exemplification- Grab it Today, Download Now, Claim, Hurry up, etc.


General calls to action are very convenient to use because they can be paired up with any genre or category of business. 

Exemplification- Check it out, Follow, Swipe up, Keep Scrolling, Continue, etc. 

Non-profit organization:

For non-profit sectors, people are rendered to give their share of contribution out of courtesy and humanity. Such a call to action may include simple yet effective terms. 

Exemplification- Support Us, Subscribe, Donate, Commit, Give, Volunteer, etc. 

Wrap Up:

The best call to action phrases will help users navigate the next steps and increase conversion rates. The instruction mentioned above did complete justice in defining CTA tactics and tips. It is time for you to implement your knowledge and skills in enhancing the call to action methodology. 

Get inspiration and incorporate the same for the best outcomes. 

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