6 steps to create an Instagram Vip Bio with 10 examples

What is an Instagram Bio?

An Instagram vip bio is a short description or personal summary on your Instagram profile. It typically appears right below your profile photo and is used to share a little information about yourself and give others a better understanding of who you are. It’s also an essential part of building your Instagram presence since it’s one of the first things potential followers will read when deciding whether or not to follow you. Instagram Bios should be creative, concise, and full of personality, so you can showcase who you are and the things you love. Utilize it to express yourself and engage with your followers!

6 Steps to create a professional Instagram Bio

Step 1. Choose an Appropriate Username: 

When selecting a username for your Instagram profile, choosing something that reflects you or your business and is easily searchable is essential. A common mistake is using the same username on different platforms, such as your business name, so it is best to check and ensure your chosen name is unique. 

Step 2. Upload a Professional Profile Photo: 

Selecting a profile photo that reflects your personal or professional brand is essential. Choose a professional headshot, an image of you engaging with your product or services, or even an icon of your brand logo. Make sure to edit it in high resolution to look crisp and stand out on Instagram. 

Step 3. Write a Descriptive Bio: 

Introduce yourself or your business in your bio, and include your website and any other links you’d like to share with your audience. It is also essential to have some keywords in your bio. Use words that describe your brand and explain why it is unique and its mission. 

Step 4. Include Keywords: 

When people are searching for your profile, the right keywords must appear in your bio. The more you include relevant words, the more likely people will find your profile. Remember to include the type of products and services you provide, your location, and anything else that might draw in your target audience.

Step 5. Use Branded Hashtags: 

Using branded hashtags in your bio is an impactful way to promote your brand and get your content noticed. Create a unique hashtag for your brand or specific content or events. Using branded hashtags lets users quickly and easily access content about you or your business. 

Step 6. Include Contact Information: 

It’s essential to provide contact information for potential customers or business partners. It includes your website, email address, phone number, and other relevant contact details. Users can quickly contact you or your business by providing your contact information, giving you more opportunities for conversions.

Do’s & Don’ts for writing a professional Instagram Bio

Here are 8 Dos and Don’ts for writing a successful professional bio on Instagram.


  1. Clearly state who you are and what your brand does
  2. Choose the best words to highlight your strengths
  3. Embellish your Instagram bio with emoji & hashtags
  4. Follow grammar and punctuation rules
  5. Link to other relevant profiles
  6. Mention exceptional accomplishments or awards
  7. Focus on personality and credibility
  8. Link to your website and other platforms


  1. Don’t copy and paste someone else’s bio
  2. Don’t neglect to proofread
  3. Don’t cram too much information in one bio
  4. Don’t go overboard with your adjectives
  5. Don’t forget to tailor it to your target audience
  6. Don’t talk about yourself in the third person
  7. Don’t use inappropriate language
  8. Don’t be afraid to include a call-to-action

10 examples of Professional Instagram Bio
































It takes a little to create a professional-looking Instagram vip bio. In 6 simple steps, you can craft an Instagram bio in Hindi, English, or any other language. It will help you stand out and give viewers a positive impression of your profile. In conclusion, creating a professional-looking Ig bio is simple if you know the proper steps. Utilizing the above steps and injecting your unique style can help your profile stand out and gain more followers.

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