How To Tackle SEO Of YouTube To Rank Higher?


How Does YouTube SEO Work?

SEO of YouTube is crucial to ensure your videos rank higher in search engine results. If you’re an aspiring content creator, you must understand how YouTube SEO works to help you gain more views and engagement from your audience. 

In this blog, we’ll cover two critical types of YouTube SEO: technical SEO and human SEO. 

Technical SEO

Technical SEO involves optimizing the settings and coding behind your video, such as titles, tags, descriptions, and closed captions, so search engine algorithms can find and prioritize it. This optimization ensures your content stands out from the competition and appears at the top of YouTube’s search results. 

Human SEO

Human SEO refers to all the activities that get viewers to watch your videos, such as crafting catchy titles, building relationships with influencers, engaging with the audience, and utilizing other digital marketing strategies. A well-executed human SEO campaign will encourage viewers to click through and view your video rather than your competitor’s. 

It’s important to know that Youtube SEO is an ongoing process and requires consistent effort to keep growing your channel. So if you’re an aspiring content creator, remember to utilize both types of YouTube SEO – technical SEO and human SEO.

10 Steps To Tackle SEO Of Youtube To Rank Higher

If you’re wondering how I can rank my brand videos on YouTube. Then, here is an easy and efficient way to take your YouTube content to the next level and make it more discoverable. This guide will help you master the steps to get better SEO results to rank YouTube videos

Step 1: Keyword Research 

Having a focused keyword is essential when trying to optimize the SEO of your videos. Please choose one or two keywords you’d like to rank for and ensure they are relevant to the video topic. For example, if you’re making a video about web design, focus your keywords around phrases like ‘web design basics’ or ‘beginners web design guide.’


Step 2: Optimize Video Title

Optimize your video title by including your primary keyword or phrase. If your keyword has multiple words, ensure they are all in the title. It helps search engine algorithms understand the context of the video.


Step 3: Add Description

When writing the description for your video, include your main keywords at the beginning. Include additional related words or phrases to make it as descriptive and keyword-rich as possible. It will increase your chances of ranking for relevant keywords.


Step 4: Include Tags

Use tags to categorize your video and help more people see it. Look into YouTube analytics to see which titles have been successful for similar videos and start including them in your content.

Step 5: Create A Compelling Script 

A solid and engaging script will keep viewers on your channel engaged in the content. Scripts can be straightforward but should include enough dialogue to engage your audience. 

Step 6: Make Long-Duration Videos

Start creating longer videos that are more comprehensive and in-depth. Aim to keep videos around 8-10 minutes to get the most viewership and interaction.

Step 7: Do Not Forget CTA

Once your videos are up and running, encourage interaction and engagement with your audience by using CTAs like leaving a comment or liking the video.

Step 8:Design A Compelling Thumbnail

Visuals can make a big difference in a YouTube video, and the thumbnail should be catchy and inviting for people to click on. Keep your thumbnail’s background, color, and text clear and relevant to the video topic.


Step 9: Add a Video To A Playlist

Creating playlists is another excellent way to increase viewership and engagement. Grouping videos around the same theme or topic can help new viewers discover and find your videos more easily.

Step 10: Add Subtitles

If you’re creating content for a global audience, adding subtitles or closed captions can help make your content more accessible to people in different countries or other languages.

By following these ten steps, you can ensure that your YouTube content has better SEO results and is discovered more easily by new viewers. If you want to rank videos on YouTube without following the above-mentioned steps, then ADverDigi is here to help. Contact us for YouTube SEO and other digital marketing services.


Wrap Up

After going through the steps outlined above, you have successfully equipped yourself with how to use the SEO of Youtube to get higher rankings. SEO is not only one of the best digital marketing services but also an effective way to improve your rank. By following the outlined steps and continually experimenting can have excellent results in getting your content to the top.

Make sure to give it time and focus on what works. Always test and measure the results to determine the best strategies for success.

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