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5 Business Advantages of Responsive Web Designing

Before discussing responsive web designing, let’s read a brief about web design. 


A website acts as a display to your customers. Now you would want to make it look impactful so that more of the audience can attract to your website. 


A question may arise in your head about what makes a website attractive. 


Here are three things that can make any website look attractive. 


1- Website Design 

2- Loading Speed 

3- Easy Navigation 


All three factors are interlinked with the Design of the website. Hence, in this blog, we will further discuss responsive web design. 


What is Responsive Website Design? 


The ideal website pattern approved by Google is known as a Responsive Website. 


(RWD) aka Responsive Website Design includes web pages that function smoothly in every screen size. Here, the main goal of website owners is to design it so that it is accessible to everyone on the internet, whether with a small smartphone screen or a 17-inch laptop screen. 


According to statistics, half of all the global website traffic comes from smartphone users. Hence, it is essential to give your responsive website a mobile-friendly design.


Improving responsiveness in web design also includes improving user experience and mending out all the SEO-related issues that can affect your ranking on Google Search. 


Creating a responsive website is a challenge for many marketers and designers. A responsive web design consists of structural and visual perfection. To the practice of creating a responsive website more accessible, ADverDigi has brought this blog. It will help you understand the factors to keep in mind required to design a responsive website.


Three things to keep in mind while making a responsive website.


1- Screen Resolution – 

In this era, now and then, a new device is launched. Every manufacturer of mobile/tablets has a list of screen sizes that makes their products different from others. It results in increased efforts of web designers because they are required to design the website in such a way that the website is functional on every device’s portrait and landscape mode. Hence, screen resolution is the primary factor to remember while designing a responsive website.


2- Content Management- 

The biggest challenge in website design is setting the content so that the exact details can be visible on desktop and mobile screens. 


User experience is a factor that can be poorly affected if the content needs to be appropriately adjusted. To avoid mismanagement, you can arrange content in responsive website layouts


3- Loading Speed- 

The font, graphics, Javascript, etc., affect the loading speed of a web page. People these days are living short lives. They expect everything to be done in a finger click which results in impatience. Therefore, they would never like to wait for the web pages to load. While making your website responsive, it is essential to remember how you can cancel loading time and make the website faster and easier to use. 


5 benefits of responsive web designing 


We all agree that better responsiveness in web design means better user experience. But some people still need to be convinced by the above statement. 


So, here are 5 business and SEO responsive web design advantages.


Mobile-friendly websites are Google’s favorite.

Google always encourages mobile-friendly websites. Because most of the traffic globally is coming from mobile users, it has been mandatory for every website to function smoothly on any device and screen size. 


Google’s Algorithm consistently ranks the website according to two criteria.


1- User Friendly 

2- Responsive 


It will always favor well-optimized websites, especially for mobile users. 


Easy to use- 

Navigation and speed are crucial factors that make people stay or leave your website. User-experience play a vital role in making the website design responsive. 


The content you put into your website should match the user’s demands. A responsive web design makes the website faster, easy to navigate, and accessible. Such a design helps visitors find the content they are looking for. In addition, if he enjoyed the experience of scrolling through your web pages, he might revisit your website. 


Better customer experience 

The primary concern of Google is to take care of its users. In other words, showing the content that the user is looking for is Google’s primary focus. 


Google ranks its website based on user-oriented guidelines. Responsive web designing includes the creation of a positive user experience.


Users who get a positive experience on your website will likely convert into leads and customers. 


Bounce rate 

Bounce rate means how much time the user spends on your website. This indicates how positive or negative the experience was for the user. Getting high bounce rates means the user spent little time on your website or disliked the experience. 


Even if your content is fantastic, but the Design is not up to the mark, it is a loss for your website. Responsive web design makes the bounce rate lower. 


Copied content 

Content is king. But to present excellent content on the website, people often copy it. This is called plagiarism. 


But a responsive website or responsive website design can prevent you from types of plagiarism.


Wrap Up 

So, these were the Advantages of Responsive Web Designing. A responsive website will enable users to stay on the website, like the experience, and become paying customers. 


With a website responsiveness checker that can help you with checking things that your website lacks. 


And to create such a website, you can reach out to ADverDigi, a digital marketing agency that caters to people on a national and international level and provides this service at affordable prices.

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5 easy steps on how to create a website design for startups.

A website acts as a display. Having a website for your business will showcase the products and services you deal in. This blog will help you know that creating a website is not that big of a deal you can make it as per your preferences in no time. 

If you are unsure about where to start, you must contact us firsthand and go through our premium services that are curious to take your business to new heights.

Let’s quickly jump to the steps on how to create a website

In this piece, you will learn the following things.


A. Importance of having a website for your business 

A website holds a huge significance for building a business online. Hence, points that support the above statement are given in the blog. 


B. What does website designing consist of

The process of website designing does not only includes designs, but other factors such as domain, hosting, designs, content and more. 


C. How to make/design a website on WordPress?

WordPress is a platform that allows you to design the website for free. In this blog you will learn how to design the web pages on WordPress through a step by step guide. 

But first, we will learn why websites are essential for your business and why you need to create one. 


Why do you need a website? 

Regardless of your industry, a business’s digital presence depends upon its website. Here are five statements that support the significance of the website.


A new customer means new business.

The website is the magnet that attracts new customers, which eventually results in improved sales. It is also responsible for increasing the repeated customer rate. More customers bring more sales, and more sales mean more revenue. Hence, the website is suitable for generating revenue and expanding a business.


Means of reliance.

A website shows how different you are from the crowd. Many providers serve the same products or services. Building your own e-commerce website will help you stand out amongst the competitors. A website differentiates between brands that offer the same deliverables. 


Turns prospects into customers.

To attract customers, it is essential to showcase the value you sell. And the website does just what a display in brick-and-mortar stores do. 


Appear on top of Google Search.

If you want your business to become visible every time, whether when you sleep or when someone picks up their phone, then optimizing the website is the best thing you can do for your business. (SEO) aka Search Engine Optimization helps you rank on top amongst your competitors. Whenever someone on Google searches for a product or service related to your niche, you will appear on top with the help of organic marketing. 


FYI- ADverDigi provides a complete on-page and off-page SEO service for businesses. 


How can you design your website?

The process of designing a website consists of 4 main parts. 

  1. Domain name
  2. Website Hosting 
  3. Content 
  4. Design 

Let’s read about these terms. 


What is a domain name on a website? Or, What domain means

Domain is the name of a website. Whatever comes after ‘www.’ is your domain name. For example, is your website. Here, your domain name will be ‘’.


Where can you buy a domain for your website? And how much does Domain cost

You can buy domains from- GoDaddy, Bigrock, and OnlyDomains. Price starts at ₹500/year in India. 


What is Website Hosting?

Website hosting or hosting is the process that enables you to launch your website or application and make it accessible to everyone on the internet. Platforms that can be used for web hosting- HostGator, Hostinger, Bluehost India. The price starts at  200 INR/month. 


What is Website Content?

Web content can be text, image, audio, or video inserted into different web pages. These creative elements make the website valuable.


What is a Website Design?

Website or web design refers to designs displayed on a website. It may include- graphic design, interface design, user experience design, etc. 


Note- ADverDigi requires complete brand guidelines from clients if someone gives us the responsibility of designing the website.  

Now let’s hop onto the steps on how to create a website– 


Step 1: Pick a domain name for registration.

Text that appears after www. is called a domain name. And texts like .com, .org, .in, .net, and .org are known as domain name extensions. 

You are required to choose the desired domain name and register it.


Step 2: Website hosting 

Web hosting requires payment. As a second step, you need to host your website. In simple words, launch your website so that people can have access to your website. 


Step 3: Choose a platform

Here are a few platforms where you can create the website. 

  1. Paid- Platforms like WIX, Squarespace, etc. require subscriptions to make a website. 
  2. Free-  WordPress is a platform that allows you to design your website for free, but it is limited to some features.


Step 4: Choose a theme 

As a third step, you must select a theme for your website design. There are various themes on WordPress. Some require money, and others are for free. Also, you can change the theme whenever you feel like it. 


Step 5: Publish your content 

A website without any content is worthless. As legends say, ‘Content is the king.’ Hence to add content related to your niche, it is necessary to optimize it. 

Also, ADverDigi, being a remarkable digital marketing agency, caters to people with SEO services. 



With these steps on how to create a website, you can build your own ecommerce site. Once you have your website, your business can become a massive success. Optimization will help you drive traffic, website design will help you turn leads into customers, and these factors will elevate your repeated customer rate. 

If you’re too busy to create your website, ADverDigi can help you. Our website designing service caters to businesses with website designs. Our expert web designers work nationally and internationally to give clients desired results. We also have website designs for startups.

Tip- If you want to check how old a domain is, you can do it with the help of the domain age checker available on various sites on Google for free.