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How To Calculate Marketing ROI? A Complete Guide.

What are ROI calculations?

Return on Investment (ROI) is a standard metric used to estimate the profits of an investment or venture. It expresses as a percentage, calculated by dividing the amount of money returned on an investment by the initial investment cost. By understanding the return on investment, individuals and organizations can compare different options, make decisions and gain a greater insight into their financial operations.

ROI calculation  provided investors and companies with valuable information about the returns that their investment will bring, allowing them to weigh their choices more carefully and objectively. Companies often use ROI to determine the effectiveness of a particular marketing or advertising campaign. Investors can use it to calculate the expected rate of return on an investment or to determine if an asset has provided a satisfactory return for the risk taken. 

Higher ROI suggests that investment has had a more significant positive impact on profitability and should be considered a desirable outcome. This calculation helps measure performance across different time frames or projects, such as a new marketing strategy compared to a previous campaign. A company or individual can better understand the returns available and how best to allocate resources by comparing various investments.

What is the ROI of marketing campaigns?

The ROI of marketing campaigns depends on many factors, including the type of campaign, the industry it targets, the kind of message communicated, and the reach and engagement of the audience. 

ROI calculates the difference in revenue and profit generated from a campaign against the cost of executing the movement. ROI is not an exact science, as many intangible factors can also contribute to the success or failure of a marketing campaign. Businesses can better understand their campaigns’ ROI by measuring metrics like the cost per click or acquisition. 

Additionally, businesses should focus on understanding the quality of leads generated by the campaign to measure success. By using the right KPIs, companies can more accurately measure their ROI and improve the performance of their campaigns.

How to calculate ROI in digital marketing?

Calculating ROI digital marketing activities can be an essential tool for measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns and evaluating their performance. By measuring ROI, you can decide how to allocate resources more effectively and prioritize strategies that yield the most results.

Point 1 

The most important metric to measure when calculating your digital marketing ROI is the cost per lead (CPL). It is the amount of money you spend to acquire each new customer. For example, if you ran a $100 ad campaign and generated five leads, your CPL would be $20. 

Point 2

The next step is calculating each lead’s lifetime value (LTV). This metric represents the total revenue you generate from each customer, usually measured in years. If a charge causes an average of $1,000 over two years, their LTV would be $2,000.

Point 3

Finally, subtract the cost per lead from the lifetime value. The result is your total return on investment (ROI). If you spent $20 per lead and generated $2,000 in lifetime value, your ROI would be $1,980 ($2,000 – $20).

By tracking the CPL and LTV metrics, you can easily calculate your digital marketing ROI and get an accurate picture of your campaign’s performance. With this data, you can make better-informed decisions on optimizing your marketing efforts and maximizing your return on investment.

What makes it difficult to measure marketing ROI 

Calculating ROI is a complicated process, and many factors make it difficult to estimate accurately. The following five factors make calculating ROI challenging:

Estimating Value of Inputs: 

It is often difficult to calculate the monetary value of inputs used in a project. It makes it difficult to understand the resources used and their potential return on investment.

Allocating Expenses: 

In some cases, certain expenses are allocated to different departments, making it difficult to track ROI as accurately.

Timing of Benefits: 

The benefits of a project can take time to materialize, making it difficult to calculate the total potential return on investment.

Measuring Effectiveness: 

It is often difficult to measure the effectiveness of a project due to variables that can impact its outcome.

Multiple Goals: 

When a project has multiple goals, it can be challenging to quantify the return on investment for each plan. It makes it difficult to calculate the ROI accurately.


Calculating marketing ROI can help businesses understand the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and how to optimize them for better performance. With the correct calculations and insights, companies can make decisions that help improve their bottom line and maximize their marketing budget. With this blog, you now know to calculate your marketing ROI and make better decisions for your business.

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What is the Facebook Ads cost per click in India?


CPC stands for Cost-Per-Click. As the word implies, a CPC advertisement is a setup of paid promotion where you spend for each ad click. In simple terms, it is a fixed price you are supposed to pay for every click on a Facebook Ad campaign.

The most typical type of CPC is Facebook advertising, where corporations position their ads on the app to assure exposure and visibility. Do you remember those ads that appear when using Facebook? Those are CPC ads.

CPC can provide strong outcomes and ROI (Return on Investment) compared to other advertising procedures. The standard platform for pay-per-click is Facebook, but you can also develop and manage campaigns all over social media platforms.

Now the question is, how can you run ads on Facebook? 

Well, you don’t need to do it on your own. Many digital marketing agencies can help you with running ads. 

Hiring an agency for Facebook Ads will help. 

1- Saving your time

2- Running the ads smoothly

3- Gaining better results due to expertise

4- Implementation of new strategies

5- Staying on top of trends 

Why should you invest in Facebook Ads?

As heard from legends, Facebook is the king of CPC. It is an enormous pay-per-click platform that runs on Facebook. It comes after Google Ads, which was previously named Google AdWords and is one of the world’s most famous cost-per-click (CPC) advertising media. 

You are primarily required to select targeted keywords and bid on them based on the amount of money you are ready to expend per click. Every time a user or a visitor clicks on your ad, you have to pay the portion of money you bid for the keyword. 

Hence, Facebook Ads are that simple if done under expert guidance. ADverDigi has a team of professionals with years of experience experimenting with Facebook Ads. 

If you are wondering why I should invest in Facebook Ads when other digital marketing services are available, go through the reasons mentioned below.

Here are 5 reasons why you must invest in Facebook Ads and why Facebook Ads are essential

1- CPC advertising delivers results faster than SEO- 

Facebook ads are excellent for brands planning to run short-term and long-term plans with online marketing strategies. Once the ad manager sets up the ad, Facebook can review it, and as soon as they go live, they are functional. 

2- Facebook Ads increase leads and customers.

Another reason why Facebook ads are the best choice for your business is it increases the leads. It has good content marketing elements, leading to increased customer and lead conversion.

3- It is a highly flexible marketing platform.

The third advantage is that Facebook Ads are incredibly flexible regarding ad types. There are multiple ads to choose from. For example- 

  • Photo
  • Video
  • Stories
  • Messenger
  • Carousel
  • Slideshow
  • Collection

4- Facebook targets a massive pool of potential customers.

Facebook has 2.7 billion + active users on the platform. Meta ads enable businesses to display their ads to massive audiences. It has become one of the most convenient mediums for reaching out to potential customers worldwide.

5- You can get easy control over costs and budgets.

Likewise other advertising platforms, Facebook ad manager is also free. It helps set up an ad campaign for your business. All such tools are available at no cost. You only have to pay while budgeting or running an ad. You can customize the Ads as per your budget and preferences. So, you have easy control over cost and budget. 

Are Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads the same?

Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads campaigns have their respective goals. 

If you want more website visitors, you must go for Facebook Ads. If you want to expand brand awareness, then Instagram Ads are your best choice. 

Since both Facebook and Instagram have the same parent company, Meta, it allows you to manage both Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns through the Facebook ads manager. Although the Instagram advertising cost in India differs from business to business, one tool will help you manage ads of two different apps. Isn’t it amazing?

Budget of Facebook Ads

In Facebook ads, there are 2 types of budgets by which you can set your ad campaign. 

1- Daily Budget

2- Lifetime Budget 

Daily Budget

It is the easiest way to set up your budget for ads. It allows you to have control over the amount you are spending. You can decide the amount you want to spend each day on your ads. Many experts advise that we should pay 20% of our original daily budget to avoid a financial crisis in the future. Also, the minimum amount Facebook will ask you to spend is 40 INR per day. 

Lifetime Budget

In the lifetime budget, you have to set up a budget that you will be spending for the entire campaign. It enables you to schedule your campaigns per your choice of days and hours. 

Suppose you have a goal of reaching as many people as possible. Then you must spend around 800 INR to get every 1000 people. 

How much do Facebook Ads charges in India

Regarding India, Facebook made a revenue of $ 1.2 billion in the meantime of 2020-2021. As we all know, that lockdown acted as a boost to digital marketing. It gave a similar head start to Facebook ads as well. 

The average cost of Facebook Ads in India is around Rs. 0.51 to Rs. 2.26. But the exception is that the cost and pricing of Facebook advertisements depend entirely on your industry, audience, and agency. 

Do you know what the best part is? India has the lowest Facebook Ads rates compared to the global average cost. If you are opting international medium for your Facebook ads, it may cost you up to Rs 64. 

Below is the list that depicts the average cost of Social Media Ads based on industry and niches. 


Do you know? 

The clothing industry in India contributes about 2% of India’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product).  

The average estimation below can vary based on audience, agency, and business type. 

 Av CPC ₹0.12 

Av CPR (Cost Per Registration) 1.24%

Av Conversion Rate 4.15% 

Consumer Services

It includes a wide variety of services such as Physical, Chemical, Biological, Engineer based services, and Data Science based services. 

This approximation is different in figures. The data may vary depending on the pool of audience and agency.

Av CPC ₹0.23

Av CPR 0.75%

Av Conversion Rate 9.85%


As per experts, the market size of the B2B industry may expand up to 60 Billion U.S. Dollars by 2025. 

It is a vast industry to work in. Hence, its pricing may fluctuate from time to time. 

Av CPC ₹0.18

Av CPR 0.75%

Av Conversion Rate 10.75%


Did you know? 

The automotive industry contributes 8% of the total export business of India. 

Below prices mentioned are on an average basis. It may differ due to audience size and agency. 

Av CPC ₹0.15

Av CPR 0.85%

Av Conversion Rate 5.25%


In the last few years, the beauty industry has expanded more than ever. It now has many hats to wear at a time. The significant revenue sources are skincare, makeup, haircare, and men’s services in India. 

The pricing mentioned below is on an average basis. 

Av CPC ₹0.17

Av CPR 1.23%

Av Conversion Rate 6.97%


India is one of those countries that occupies a significant position in the education market around the globe. It has the ability and potential to generate good figures with or without investment.

Facebook ads pricing mentioned below for education services/industries is not exact in number. 

Av CPC ₹0.14

Av CPR 0.75%

Av Conversion Rate 14.14%


The fitness market in India can get double-digited in the upcoming years. 

Such an industry has the following estimated pricing for ads.

Av CPC ₹0.67

Av CPR 1.23%

Av Conversion Rate 14.56%


According to a survey, India’s healthcare expenses will be 2.1% of the GDP between 2021-2022. 

The following prices differ from the exact pricing, which will help you understand the estimation of Facebook ads. 

Av CPC ₹0.26

Av CPR 0.95%

Av Conversion Rate 11.26%

Travel and Tourism 

Did you know?

The travel & Tourism industry is essential in growing India’s economy. 

Below pricing mentioned is based on estimation.

Av CPC ₹0.14  

Av CPR 0.89%

Av Conversion Rate 2.95%


As we can see, India is up to something new now and then after the launch of 5G. 

Since the industry is rooting rapidly, Facebook ad pricing is as per the average. 

Av CPC ₹0.28

Av CPR 1.15%

Av Conversion Rate 2.25%

Facebook advertising, if put into monthly packages, would cost- 

Small Business- 15,000 INR/month 

Midsize Business – 30,000 INR/month

E-commerce Business- 50,000+ INR/month

This pricing is an estimation. Exact prices may vary depending on your budget, industry, and agency. 


If you are wondering how much time Facebook takes to review ads, the answer is 24 Hours.

The above information on average pricing for facebook ads CPC in India was helpful to you. 

When experimenting with Facebook Ads in the beginning stage, ensure you run ads on the app for a restricted duration. It will enable you to correct your strategy and prepare you for campaigns.

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What are the cost of digital marketing packages in India?


Digital Marketing Packages are becoming one of the most crucial components for establishing a valid enterprise.

If you are looking for pocket-friendly Digital Marketing Packages in India, this is the right place.

You might have several questions regarding digital marketing plans like- How can it enhance your enterprise after paying for these packages? Confused and want an answer? 

Well, we have all the answers. 

Read the article till the bottom to know the details.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing uses electronic devices or the Internet to reach potential customers.

Digital marketing is an excellent opportunity for every business. It’s time to leverage digital media and make your brand more visible.

The Internet and electronic devices are tools to reach target audiences across various platforms, such as social media websites, mobile apps, and emails.

Why is it important?

In today’s world, the Internet has become an essential tool for reaching out to people who may be attracted to your product or services.

With the increased use of smartphones and personal computers, you can easily access information with just one click on your phone or laptop.

Pricing of digital marketing package in India.

There are plenty of digital marketing companies, but finding the right one with all-inclusive services at a reasonable price takes a lot of work. So, today we will talk about some of the digital marketing packages in India and how they can help your business grow.

Here are Digital marketing services and their pricing-

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Seo is a service that helps you rank on the search engine. It elevates the rank of your website amongst competitors. It also helps in generating leads via Pay Per Click. SEO is responsible for driving traffic to your website. 


10k- 40k INR (per month)

This pricing can vary depending on the digital marketing agency you are working with. 

Google/Facebook Ads 

Ads can be explained as the fastest method of getting traffic and customers. In Ads, the audience is your target as per the niche. The digital marketing service helps you get more leads and visitors to your website and store.


10k- 30k INR (per month)

The price mentioned above is not exact in the figures. It may vary from agency to agency. Also, it depends on the industry you belong to. 

Social Media Marketing 

Any social media platform helps you run campaigns and attract people to your business. It increases brand awareness and customers. 


10k- 35k INR (per month)

Above pricing may vary as per your industry. Moreover, it is a lump-sum figure to help you understand the budget.

Website Design 

Website design acts as a showcase for your website. It displays your products and services. Therefore, it must be attractive enough to magnet people. 


35k- 55k INR (per month)

The above prices for website design services are given on average. You can get your website design customized as per your budget and requirements. 

Content Marketing 

Content helps in polishing your brand reputation amongst the targeted audience. It also enables you to interact with people and build customer relationships.

Pricing –

8k- 25k INR (per month)

There are many services available under content marketing. You can choose any as per your requirement and pocket. 

Graphic Designs 

Graphics are the face of your business. It helps in creating a difference between your and your competitor’s business. The color codes, themes, logos, designs, fonts, etc., help generate the distinguishment. 


5k-30k INR

Likewise, content marketing and graphic design services also have many benefits under them. You can choose from a vast range of services as per your requirement. 

Video Editing 

Video editing can be the most impactful way to convey your message to your audience. People usually prefer videos, reels, and clips over posters. Hence, video editing creates an urge to watch the video and understand its message. 


3k- 40k INR (per month)

The pricing may vary on the number of projects and the agency you work with. Above mentioned prices are not exact. 

Types of Digital marketing packages– 

  • One-time Projects
  • Monthly plans 
  • Quarterly plans 
  • Half-yearly plans
  • One year plan 

One-time project 

When you have budget limitations or are not confident about the outcome of such digital campaigns, in both scenarios, you can try your hands on your online promotion plan with a one-time project containing a wide variety of services. One example of a one-time project is a Website Design service. 

Monthly Plan

Monthly Plans are flexible as they do not come with any long-term commitments. They come with the lowest investment, and you can easily control your budget if you want to spend less. But to achieve better results, you should go for quarterly or half-yearly plans, as it takes time to run digital marketing campaigns effectively. You can pause Monthly Plans at any point if you’re unsatisfied with their services or for any other reason. Examples of monthly plans include Social Media Management services.

Quarterly Plan

A quarterly plan is the most cost-effective way to go, as it allows you to scale up or down depending on your needs.

It’s also ideal if you have little money and want to test different strategies before committing to one.

Half-yearly Plan

This plan is for people who want to start a business quickly. You can use this service to build your website and launch it, or even start promoting your product by posting it on social media platforms.

The package includes all the essential services needed to start your business: website design and development, graphics design, social media management (Facebook Ads & Google  Ads), campaign setup with Google Analytics tracking code integration, etc.

1 Year Plan

It is the most expensive option but gives you much control over your digital marketing campaign. You can choose which channels and strategies to use and how long they should run for. It’s also possible to include bonuses such as social media management or website creation once you have completed the first year of your contract.

Why do you need a digital marketing agency

Digital Marketing has evolved into an essential aspect for strengthening any business and enabling the expansion of brands. Different classifications of packages help small businesses. 

Nevertheless, it is likewise a point that small ventures can only afford some of these services at a time. For this reason, they require you to connect with a reliable Digital Marketing Agency like ADverDigi to get proper guidance. We have a team of top digital marketers in India that can help you and your business.

To run a successful company, we must all have strong opinions and promising approaches to create our hit on the Internet. For this reason, there is a requirement for an appropriate digital marketing strategy to unlock considerable digital success and build a brand reputation.

Digital marketing pricing packages in India and other countries. 

Due to different cultures, demographics, languages, and even marketplaces for each industry, India’s digital marketing packages differ from those in the US & UK.

Also, each industry has various digital marketing plans in India. The type of digital marketing package in India depends on your industry, and it’s not just a matter of getting the same thing as your competitor. For example, a small-scale fashion eCommerce site would want to incorporate social media into its strategy, while a supermarket chain would prefer more traditional email marketing techniques.


Such a digital marketing package can be a great way to build your brand and grow your business. It can also help you increase revenue, save money and improve customer experience.

Digital marketing is an excellent opportunity for every business. It’s essential to understand what your competitors are up to. Use these services to get started!

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