Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing or SEM is an effective digital marketing practice to market or advertise a brand in front of customers with paid ads. The main purpose of SEM is to create huge traffic to rank on the search engine result pages or SERPs. In SEM you will get all the techniques and strategies to get visibility on the top of the search engines. SEM includes app advertisements, youtube ads, Google AdWords, per-per-click, etc.

Importance of Search Engine Marketing:

Search engines work on different algorithms to provide relevant searches including information, etc. Search engine marketing provides you with a clear path to get instant visibility in the digital marketplace when the buyers are actively searching for your services by entering keywords. While organic searches take more time to show positive results, paid searches take less than 24 hours to generate results. 

In the paid searches, the sponsored ads are always shown on the top of the search results to get more traffic.

 Let’s suppose a buyer wants a service that you provide. The buyer will search for the service and get millions of results. So to make your service visible to him, SEM will help you to rank on the top pages with the help of sponsored ads.

How will ADverDigi help you in SEM?

In ADverDigi we follow some important steps to provide full search engine marketing services

Strong campaign strategy – Before we start working, we prepare a strategy for SEM. From setting the campaigns on any search engine to creating conversion tracking and targeting the traffic, we take care of everything.

Targeted keywords research – From millions of keywords, we select the low competition and high converting and relevant keywords for a brand for SEM.

Converting ad copywriting – With the help of our in-house content writing and copywriting team, we prepare the best and winning ad copy to target users.

Performance tracking – We keep checking the performance on Google analytics, prepare a dashboard report, and keep optimizing campaigns for more conversions.


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