Keyword Research

Keyword Research and planning are the beginning of SEO campaigns. Our professional and expert team makes sure that you must rank high on a search engine for targeted keywords that increase sales leads and earnings to your business.

Since optimizing a website for every possible related keyword or phrase is excessively expensive, choosing the appropriate keywords creates the difference. Our website keyword research and analysis process evolved over years of experience and has reached the best results for customers of a wide range in competitive B2B and B2C niches.

How Keyword Research will Help Business?

Companies spend on keyword research for SEO to increase sales leads and profit, and that is absolutely where we have to focus. Whether it’s an observation of the most demanded words or long-tail keyword research, we choose keywords based on their probability of grabbing attention from a better perspective audience.

How ADverDigi will perfectly do Keyword Research?

 Our approach starts from catching all potentially related keywords or phrases, and then, through applying filters to classifying different varieties, whittling down that keyword to a final set of target keywords analyzed to the best ROI.

 Major Factors we include:

  • Target customer Demographics – Understanding the features, characteristics, and search nature and behavior of your target customers are important for choosing keywords that grab the attention of a large audience.
  • Competitive Keyword Research – Sometimes, the less volume keyword or phrases are more reliable. A less competitive struggle for organic high position ranking for a phrase or keyword being targeted by major participants may not have the budget to compete with others.
  • Long-tail search keywords or phrases – It is important to have identified the least volume phrases with high conversion chances or high conversion revenue.
  • Search Volume – A strong keyword or phrase that brings out 40,000 searches monthly is likely to be much more reliable than a similar product producing 4,000 searches monthly.
  • Audience Location – If 35,000 of the 40,000 monthly searches for a specific keyword or phrase bring out an international audience and your business runs only at the national level, it is not fruitful targeting. At ADverDigi, we will use location-based keywords only which give you the best results and growth.

 Let’s work with us and see how your brand touches the sky.