Animation Ads

Take Your Animations to the Next Level

With such a huge number of videos trying to grab the audience’s attention, it’s getting tough for brands to stand out in the rush. Another waste of time is to use boring explanatory or trick videos.

65% of the audiences are visual trainees, and 90% of the visual information passes to the mind. Animated ad video is an appealing technique that can help you elaborate your story with more creativity and details. If you are looking forward to animated ad video creators, here we are discussing.

Why should you go for Animation Ads?

  • Boost Conversion Rate- Animated ads not only engage your audience but also inspire your targets to purchase the product and service and help your business in maximizing revenue. Statistics show that making animated ads a part of your landing page will boost your conversion rate by a massive 80%.
  • Enhance SEO- Just like the audience, Google also impresses with animated content. It is an excellent way to improve SEO by including animated ad videos on your website and will help your brand to rank top on search engines. This makes you more noticeable and reachable to the potential audience.
  • Engage With Your Target Audience – Nowadays, the audience is attracted to online video content regularly. The result of recent research shows that one-third of the audiences on the internet spend their time watching videos. So, you need to use the technique that provides you the best possible opportunities to effectively communicate with your target audience.
  • Make Understandable Your Product to Your Customer- Animation describes your products and service’s motive, features, characteristics, and function in an easy-to-understand way. It will be the best way for story-telling or to tell you about your journey in a short way. A 1 to 2 minutes animated skit showing real-life examples of how easy your products and service will make the life of your customers. It will work like magic for your brand.

· Expand Your Reach- As a business holder, you would want to attract as many audiences as possible and sell your products and services as you can. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the most popular and rushed social media platforms that permit users to reach out to different brands and make a professional connection.

Why do most people choose ADverDigi for Animation Ad Creation?

ADverDigi is not only a service provider or a digital marketing company; it is a symbol of trust and best results. We set up a team, especially for animation ad creation. We will use cartoons, mascots, and many fascinating graphics designs to deliver you the best results as you expected from us.

We will make whiteboard, kinetic typography, cut-out, cartoon, silhouette, stop motion, and many different types of ads as per your requirements.

 So, let’s start today and plan your animation.